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Sensitive & Empowered
– Masterclass

An online course where I guide you to become the truest, fullest version of yourself. Where you get the tools you need to embrace your sensitivity, advocate for your needs, and use your sensitive strengths to your advantage.


895 SEK


5 Bounday Setting Exercises



Lead by heart
– Mini course

An online course where I guide you to find your souls purpose, what sparks your soul and lead by heart instead of mind.






295 SEK



The HSP Recharge Guide
5 Euro


Highly Sensitive Crystal Kit


Together with Oh La Moon

I created a highly sensitive crystal kit for when in need

to tune inwards and embrace your sensitivity. A perfect kit

for a sensitive soul who is

ready to live their best life.



350 SEK


Understanding sensitivity 

My name is Louise Henning. I’m based in Sweden and I’m a creative day dreamer whose mission is to help sensitive souls embrace their sensitivity and live a wholehearted life. I’m a sucker for self care, nature and check lists. 

I started this community after being home – exhausted from work. I noticed I had a hard time processing everything that was going on around me, I took on other peoples feelings, had a hard time with loud noises, strong scents and my body craved minimum sensory input. Things that made me realize I was HSP. During this time I couldn’t find a place where I felt seen and heard and that spoke to me visually – so I decided to create one myself. A safe little cloud, as I like to call it, where highly sensitive souls can get a deeper understanding of their sensitive gift, tools that help them live a wholehearted life, feel more confident in themselves and connect with other highly sensitive souls.


Do you want to know more about me?

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