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1:1 mentoring.

Thrive as a highly sensitive person

"Thrive as a highly sensitive person" is a 1:1 mentoring program where you and I meet online either for one session or once a week over the time of your choice. The first call will be a 30 minute discovery call where we talk about areas where you feel like you need my mentoring, your desired goals and ultimately see if we are the right fit for each other.

My "Thrive as a highly sensitive person" program is for you if:

🌼 you want to experience more inner peace

🌼you have a hard time separating your emotions from others people's emotions

🌼you want to be more confident in your sensitivity

🌼you need guidance in setting boundaries

🌼you need guidance in how to recharge

🌼you want to live your best highly sensitive life

Your answers below will form the basis for if we are a good match.

Looking forward to connect with you!

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