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1:1 coaching.

Recovery Coach är för dig som vill bli av med din ätstörning, restriktioner eller kompensationer. Beroende på vart du befinner dig i din läkning har jag tagit fram två alternativ:

Alternativ 1: Intensiv Coachning

för dig som behöver mycket stöd för din läkning med samtal varje vecka och stöd i mobilen

Vad som Ingår:

  • Skräddarsydd plan för din läkning.

  • 1 digital samtal VARJE vecka - via Zoom, 45 minuter

  • Tillgång till mig via whatsapp mellan samtalen, där jag svarar dagtid måndag till fredag.

  • Utmaningar anpassade efter dina behov och vart du är i din läkning just nu.

  • Obligatorisk kontakt med närstående för dig under 18 år. Rekommenderar alltid kontakt med närstående även för dig över 18 år.

Pris: 4990kr/mån

HSP + Workplace Hour Session ✨


We go through your challenges in the workplace right now, and make sure you can

harness the strengths of being a HSP and understand the personality trait better.


📌 The foundation of thriving in the workplace as a HSP

📌 The strengths of HSPs in the workplace

📌 How you can utilize HSP strenghts and support as a leader, manager or HR

📌 How you as a HSP can utilize your strenghts

I’ll share my SENSE strategy for thriving in the workplace as a HSP, which will raise

well-being in the workplace and contribute to more inclusiveness, empathy and

creativity. Get all your questions about thriving in the workplace as a HSP answered.


What’s included?

👩🏼‍💻 1 h video meeting

📊 Evaluation: How HSP friendly is your workplace?

🤝🏼 Tailored HSP + workplace strategy

2500:- SEK exclusive tax.






HSP + Workplace VIP 1:1 🪄
(leaders, managers & HR professionals)

You want to create an including workplace that lifts and attracts creative, empathic,

loyal and detail oriented employees, aka HSPs. But you don’t know where to start

and how to make your workplace HSP friendly.

I’ll teach you. I’ll be your personal coach, 1:1. Together we’ll create a strategy that’ll

help you create a workplace that fosters understanding, empathy, team dynamic,

creativity, well-being and positive work culture.

Be the one who takes your HSP employees from feeling underestimated and drained

to seen and appreciated, and help them shine and be their best in the workplace.


What's included?

✍🏼 Evaluation: How HSP friendly is your workplace?

💫 HSP + workplace strategy
🙋🏼‍♀️ Feedback on actions you’ve taken
👩‍💻 1 meeting/month
👋🏼 Access to me Mon – Thu
☘️ 1 online class on being HSP in the workplace
🔥 5 hacks on how to help HSPs thrive in the workplace

8 000 SEK/month. Minimum 3 months

Boundary Bootcamp (12).png
I am Louise and I provide life hacks and information that empowers the highly sensitive so

Thank you! I'll get back to you shortly.

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