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Boundary Bootcamp

A guide to setting healthy boundaries as a Highly Sensitive Person,

in ten steps. In Boundary Bootcamp you get theoretical knowledge

and related exercises to help you set healthy boundaries,

protect your energy and prioritize yourself and your well-being. 


Boundary Bootcamp is for you who:

👉🏼 Feel guilty when you ask for what you need.

👉🏼 Is uncomfortable with saying no.

👉🏼 Always de-prioritize yourself.


You will walk away with:

- Your personal boundaries all set and done.

- Why boundaries are essential.

- Signs to look for that your boundaries have been crossed.

- What healthy boundaries are and fall back phrases.

- How to say no and get others to respect your boundaries.

- My boundary visualization technique.

- My secret sauce to setting boundaries.

- Feeling fully confident in setting healthy boundaries.

- A little bonus something.

Let's turn you into a confident boundary setter that

won’t let others define you!

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1:1 coaching

More info coming soon.

Ebook, freebie.
Understanding sensitivity

In this ebook I help non-HSP’s see the trait in a new light and give them tips on how to support a highly sensitive soul. This also works

as a tool for HSP's when they need guidance in explaining the trait

to friends, family, partners, colleagues or anyone in their surrounding.


Highly Sensitive
Crystal Kit

I use this kit when I need to listen inwardly and embrace my sensitivity. The crystals protect you from negative energy, open up

to speak your own truth, come down and boost your self-confidence. A perfect kit for living your best highly sensitive life.

Highly Sensitive

A collection of lovely tunes for the Highly Sensitive Soul.

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Highly Sensitive

A collection of podcasts where you can hear me talk

about being highly sensitive.

Are you highly sensitive?

Take this self test to see if you are HSP.



Visit my website to read more about me and being HSP.

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