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Ebook waitlist. Boundary Bootcamp 🔥 Launching soon.

A guide to setting healthy boundaries as a Highly Sensitive Person, in ten steps. In Boundary Bootcamp you get theoretical knowledge and related exercises to help you set healthy boundaries, protect your energy and prioritize yourself and your well-being. 

Want to be the first one to know when it's out and get the e-book for a launch price? 
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Online course. Unleash your superpower – Masterclass ✨

An online Masterclass course for you who want to unleash your superpower. You'll get the tools you need to embrace your sensitivity, set healthy boundaries, protect your energy, navigate overwhelm and how to use your sensitive strengths to your advantage.

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Online course. Lead By Heart – Mini course 🤍

An online mini course for you who want to follow your dream. In this course I guide you to find your sensitive souls purpose. I'll help you find your passion and open up a stream of possibilities. 

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Highly Sensitive Crystal Kit 💎

I use this kit when I need to listen inwardly and embrace my high sensitivity. The crystals protect you from negative energy, open up to speak your own truth, come down and boost your self-confidence. A perfect kit for living your best highly sensitive life!

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5 boundary setting exercises ⚡️

In this guide I help you find balance and take your power back. For highly sensitive souls to thrive and maintain our peace, we must protect our energy - this is where setting boundaries comes in 💫  Setting boundaries may feel scary and out of your comfort zone at first. But for you to thrive it’s necessary. Be brave – for you! 🤍

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Ebook. The HSP recharge guide 💭

There will be days when we overextend ourselves and feel totally drained. During those times it can be hard to know where to start and also how to communicate with people around you. And sometimes we need guidance in creating space for recharging. This is where this guide comes in.

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Ebook. Understanding sensitivity 🤍

FREE. In this E-book I help non-HSP’s see the trait in a new light and give them tips on how to support a highly sensitive soul. This also works as a tool for HSP's when they need guidance in explaining the trait to friends, family, partners, colleagues or anyone in their surrounding. 

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Highly Sensitive playlist 🎵

A collection of lovely tunes for the Highly Sensitive Soul.

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Highly Sensitive podcasts 👂🏼

A collection of podcasts where you can hear me talk about being highly sensitive.

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Are you Highly Sensitive? Find out here 🕊


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